Costume Design

See a selection of commissioned work as a costume designer and creative director for short films, dance productions, theater and music videos. Creating costumes from scratch, modifying garments and character styling.

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Costume design - The space in between, Tanzwerk, Zurich 2014, pictures by Helen Ree

Costume design - Loutop company, 2008

Costume design - Loutop company, 2008

Costume design, Captain - a short Film by Mathias Truniger and Inti Zehnder, 2012


Costume design, diashow and installation, for the 20. jubilee of Theater Gessnerallee - Wer rettet Zürich, in collaboration with Tina Bleuler 2010


Costume collaboration with Tina Bleuler and Linda Dürst, Soiree, Company, 2008

Costume design - Band Schnitzer, 2009