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Deo – Shooting Wellness Formula that woks

With green tea, lavender and coconut oil

! Aluminium-, alcohol, natron- and perfume-free !


Your skin will benefit from the precious wellness formula of organic plant based hydrosols. Lavender works antibacterial and green tea works protecting, detoxifying and cooling. Enriched with cooling coconut oil to benefit skin with a antibacterial extra care. This unique plant based formula works with a certified natural deodorant active ingredient that has a clinically proven 24-hour effect. It drys fast and leaves no sticky feeling or stains on textiles behind.


Pleasantly refreshing light herbal scent that fade into neutral quickly and will not compete with your personal perfume. Unisex.


1-2 pump spray directly under your armpits and let dry. If you I like to make sure to have the whole area covered by using less product or if you carry hairy arm pits you can spread the product with your hand. Leaves no sticky feeling behind.

*  I noted I’m good with only 1pump for the whole day.

* Use within 3month after production, keep out from direct sunlight and heat

    Made with Joy & Care

    Made for the Dance-, Sport- and Office-Floor. For all the skins and genders under the diverse rainbow in mind. Fights smelly bacteria’s and feels pleasantly refreshing. With love for You & the Planet. Coco Dilo, Julie Egli.

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