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Solution Essence

This high in antioxidants powerful Essence is formulated with Blue Light Protection to bring solution to modern time skin concerns like: 

PrematureAgeing, Hyperpigmentation, Irritations and Skin Impurities.

With cornflower, rock rose, summer lilac, liquorice and niacinamide.

FORMULA: This Essence is pure plant based and is working with the protecting color technology from flowers. Enriched with a bundle of powerful, high performance natural active ingredients. Beautiful vibrant blue to pink flowers, grounding roots and twisty branches protect you from blue light and other free radicals that may affect skin aging and hyper pigmentation. This unique antibacterial formulation works calming and recovering on skin impurity’s and irritations. Strengthening barrier and structure.

MOOD/FRAGRANCE: A calming easing scent to relieve tensions, feel grounded and protected. This warm earthy scent with hints of flowers and herbs, pairs beautiful with the Repair Oil.

HOW TO USE: After cleansing. Apply directly to skin, or dispense a few spritzers into your palms, inhale and then pat the liquid into your face and neck area moving upward. Give your skin a few minutes to absorb and relax. Follow with your skincare routine.

  • I like to add a 2 drops of the Repair Oil while skin ist still wet. It is a nice and lightweight way to lock in deep moisture. It works relaxing, calming and soothing on your scalp too.

Claims to do here are limited, please try for yourself and let me know about your experience. You will benefit from biological certified, pure, natural and clean ingredients and a very special release price.

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