Silk has a natural insulating effect against cold and heat, it even has UV protective properties. This makes it a good and light travel companion, nice to wear throughout all seasons. The colors on silk are extra beautiful because of the natural light reflections from the fiber. Silk and leather are beautiful, resistant and natural organic materials where little irregularities in structure and skin can occur.

How do I take care of my leather bag?

To keep your bag in great shape for a long time, do not overload, or charge it too heavily. From time to time and whenever needed, clean your goods with a humid soft towel or leather care products. Impregnating every now and then helps to protect from rainy weather and maintains light colors. Be aware of discoloring clothing (like dark indigo blue jeans), a bag of bright color will be affected.

How do I take care of my silk scarf?

The silk crepe de chine has a good crease-resistant quality. If you will hang it with care you can skip the ironing part ;). I like to hang it in the humid bathroom sometimes, it works like a little steam. Same and even more important is to not leave your modal/cashmere scarf or cotton/silk blend all crinkled up in a corner. I just thing it looks nicer if it‘s not all wrinkled.

Cleaning Instructions by the manufacturer is Dry Clean. I personally wash my scarves by hand, with a tiny amount of shampoo in cold to lukewarm water. You  also can use specific products for silk or cashmere. After washing I lay the scarf flat on a big terry towel, to then roll it all up, to absorb the water without twisting the scarf. After that flat hanging does it, or if I‘m in the hurry I use my blow dryer.