Ciao Hello, nice to meet you!

Are you interested in how and where your products were made, and are you curious about the inspiration behind it? Here are some insights :)

My Passion, Interest and what I care about lies all in good QUALITY, ORIGINALITY & CARE. The joy of creating, the beauty of craft, the power of nature, the excitement of discovering, the emotion of art and original design, and the conversation with inspiring people sets my soul on fire.

ATELIER WORKSHOP, Creativity Training

With my background as a longtime experienced designer and diverse experience of products and customers, I was constantly able to learn and grow in both artistic and strategic areas. As a creativity training I established a set of methods to practise and help others unleash their creativity. Atelier Workshop was launched with a series of manual and hands-on workshops based on sensory experiences. Because the fact of creating and making a personal experience is incredibly rewarding on so many levels.


About the Quality
All the materials and manufacturers are carefully selected and stand for high quality. For the Accessory collection I visited factories, artisans one by one and face to face. Checking on fair working conditions, and environmental sustainable products. The Accessory Collection is of lasting and reliable quality. The cosmetics are freshly produced in small batches in Zurich. They are a composition of concentrates out of best found and whenever possible organic, natural active ingredients.
SCARVES are made in Como, Italy and the LEATHER ACCESSORY are made in Spain, in the region of Cadiz. Out of Spanish cowhide leather (Natural tanned and EU Certificated C.C.E qualities).

About the Inspiration
With the scarves my idea was to create a artwork which you can wear in many different ways, with a special value open to any gender or age. Fashionable yes, but not fast paced or bound to any season and ideally to be loved for many years. One of my greatest inspiration source is color, I love to work and play with it. The prints are characteristic big images of non-recurring patterns, composed with my own drawings or photographs. Abstract landscapes and fantasy worlds Inspired by different ethnic cultures, sometimes bold and graphic or other times a ocean of details. The Leather Accessory collection is inspired by old luggage and designed to master a modern woman’s life. The mini bag collection carry the necessary daily treasures she needs on her side. Nonchalant, chic, sexy and always comfortable to wear are also the unisex natural tanned belts.


The Accessory Collection is currently selling out, to create more space for Workshops and Cosmetics.