multi store


Here you find my favorite products, those that have shown results and made a difference in how I feel about my skin, with best reviews from other testimonials. With the possibility to buy mini sizes at reasonable prices, you are able to test the products without waisting money or products. 

You find a beautiful selection of Coco Drilo homemade cosmetic in Zurich at Asandri store ZH 8005

Solution Essence SFr. 44.00
REPAIR OIL from SFr. 12.00
PEELING SFr. 24.00
Energizer Plus& SFr. 36.00
Facial Sponge, White SFr. 3.00
V–Spray SFr. 24.00
Energizer SFr. 18.00 SFr. 24.00
Measuring Spoon SFr. 5.00
Mask and Foundation Brush SFr. 16.00