In all my Work QUALITY ORIGINALITY & CARE is the highest bid.

Any product of the multi store is out of carefully selected materials and manufacturers of high quality standards.

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Atelier Workshops are filled with sparkle to spice up your daily routine. If you are looking for a creative experience, need some offline time, or just want to feel inspired, you will enjoy this.

"The fact of creating and experimenting is incredibly beneficial on so many levels. It can relax you or bring you to new ideas ". More


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I hope you enjoy browsing through our current offerings and may find something to cheer you up.

Coco Drilo has focused on natural beauty products with restorative, strengthening and balancing deep action. Easy to use and highly effective, they protect against free radicals and strengthen the skin barrier. With mood-lifting fragrances and relaxing home spa rituals, self-care is celebrated and a beauty feeling is transported from the inside out.

All Julie Egli Accessories can be found in the clearance sale.

For collaborations and commissioned work, feel free to contact me. <3 Julie Egli

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